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Our vision is to enable and to foster Christians and the wider community to make a difference for many, by providing legal and financial structures to facilitate benevolent endeavours.

For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. Matt 7:7-8

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Who we are, what we do and why

Beyond these walls...

Our churches are full of people who, in turn, are surrounded by neighbours and co-workers.

Every person is walking a different journey, and often you don't have to look too far to find someone hanging on by a thread, scraping together enough to cover the next rental payment, electricity bill, school fee instalment or simply something to eat that night.  


We don't walk this life in a bubble, immune to the cries of the people around us. God calls us together as a community – not just within these four walls, but out on the streets, in the parks, over the fence, and at the local shops.  


He sends us out onto the footpaths, and into the shelters, to bring not only the Gospel but food and blankets and companionship and help.  


There is an entire mission field just beyond the welcome mat at the front door...and we want to help you reach out and engage with them.  

Queensland Lutheran Giving exists to help you realise your mission in your local community, and meet the needs present around you.

Because if we don't meet them, who will?

At QLG, we can make reaching out possible.

QLG was been established by the Lutheran Church of Australia, Queensland District. The Lutheran Church has over 74.2 million members worldwide.

Current QLG Projects
The 6 QLG funds

The 5 QLG Funds

Necessitous Circumstances Fund

The Necessitous Circumstances Fund has been set up to provide help direct to people needing financial assistance within the community. There are many people doing it tough right now, and often they are 'hiding in plain sight'. You can step in and help to stop the cycle of poverty today.

Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to Australian citizens and permanent residents undertaking pre-school, primary, secondary or tertiary courses in Australia. You can change the world through education, and with the Scholarship Fund you can set our young people upon the path to success.

Australian Disaster Relief Fund

Australia is a land of fire, flood, drought and devastating cyclones. This fund is a means to channel donations in times of disaster and crisis to the communities and areas that need it most. Your donation can help rebuild homes, schools, and get a community back on their feet after the elements have torn it apart.

Religious Instruction in Government Schools Fund

The landscape of religion in Australia is changing, and now - more than ever - our children need to hear the good news of God's love and grace in the gospel. While we still have the opportunity, we can witness to the wider community through our schools.

LCAQD Public Library

The LCAQD Public Library is a fund facilitated by QLG for the wider community to equip themselves with online and hard-copy resources to further the mission and ministry of the church. We want churches, schools, kindergartens, small groups, youth groups, everyone to have access to first-rate, inspiring books and tools to grow the Kingdom and each other. You can donate to the Public Library, and we can help you establish an online or real-world library.

The QLG Board


Andrew Spyropoulos

Chair of Queensland Lutheran Giving Board of Directors

Rob Braunack.JPG

Rob Braunack

Queensland Lutheran Giving Board Member


Karen Rohde

Queensland Lutheran Giving Board Member

bobby rolison.png

Bobby Rolison

Queensland Lutheran Giving Board Member


Ian Grieshaber

Queensland Lutheran Giving Board Member

Secretary for QLG

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