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Beyond these


Our churches are full of people who, in turn, are surrounded by neighbours and co-workers.

Every person is walking a different journey, and often you don't have to look too far to find someone hanging on by a thread, scraping together enough to cover the next rental payment, electricity bill, school fee instalment or simply something to eat that night.  


We don't walk this life in a bubble, immune to the cries of the people around us. God calls us together as a community – not just within these four walls, but out on the streets, in the parks, over the fence, and at the local shops.  


He sends us out onto the footpaths, and into the shelters, to bring not only the Gospel but food and blankets and companionship and help.  


There is an entire mission field just beyond the welcome mat at the front door...and we want to help you reach out and engage with them.  

Queensland Lutheran Giving exists to help you realise your mission in your local community. We can have conversations about chair coverings and stained glass windows and worship styles, or we can have a conversation about the real needs in your immediate community and how you can meet them.  

Because if we don't meet them, who will?         

At QLG, we can make reaching out possible.       

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